Living Longer…Living Better

At C-health our team of medical specialists and allied healthcare professionals work together to offer the best integrated care to each and every patient.

Who We Are

C-health is committed to access, innovation, and system enhancement in healthcare. At C-health we are more than just a group of doctors – we are innovative thinkers that challenge traditional norms with the goal of delivering quality care in a timely, innovative and sustainable way. We are not just focused on delivering care today but we are envisioning and creating the healthcare of tomorrow. We do this with a strong commitment to working within, supporting and enhancing the public health system.

“At C-health we believe all Albertans deserve access to a comprehensive and integrated model of healthcare.”


At C-health our team follows these 10 fundamentals to provide our patients with the best possible care

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Mission and Vision

Living Longer… Living Better, Learn how our clinics bring our vision to life.

Our Mission

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Join us in improving the health of all Albertans

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