C-health is an Alberta based healthcare organization, which strives to apply rapid access to high quality specialty services locally, to Albertans. Founded by Dr. Alykhan Nanji, C-health started as a single division, known only as C-era Medical Clinic, about 16 years ago in Calgary, Alberta.

With cardiovascular disease being the leading cause of death in Canadians, C-era is a medical clinic that provides Cardiometabolic Evaluation and Risk Assessment specialty services to Calgarians, striving toward its vision to “reduce the burden of cardiometabolic disease through high quality, timely, and efficient evaluation and management of disease and its risk factors”. Since C-era opened its doors in 1999, Dr. Nanji has built a culture of patient-centered care, focusing on providing world-class care to his patients. To continue providing the best patient care, C-era has grown into a multi-specialist, multi-divisional practice with C-endo and C-O2, providing care for patients with, cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary and endocrinology conditions. Together these three divisions comprise C-health.

About Dr. Nanji

Driven by a desire to make the maximum impact on society, Dr. Nanji found himself drawn to the medical field in the form of Internal Medicine, building a career as a General Internal Medicine specialist. Having considered himself a “Health Care Entrepreneur,” Dr. Nanji wanted to open a clinic that was solely focused on patient care and research. To do this, Dr. Nanji obtained his MBA from Wharton Business School and Master of Public Health from Harvard. With those qualifications, his dream of building a successful patient-centered clinic was on its way.

Dr. Nanji believes in living the life he encourages for his patient, including daily exercise (yoga, kayaking, and climbing), healthy eating, and a work-life balance. Dr. Nanji is a committed life-long learner and educator; following are a few highlights of his career and education:

  • MD from McMaster University (1994)
  • Harvard University, Masters in Public Health
  • Wharton Business School, MBA
  • Calgary Foundation, Health, Seniors, and Special Needs Committee
  • Mount Royal University, Board of Governors
  • Harvard University and Wharton Business School, Alumni Interviewer
  • Immigrant of Distinction Award
  • American Public Health Association (APHA)