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C-health corporate supporters help us to educate, advocate and support the over 1 million Albertans living with a chronic disease.

Corporate Partners

C-health strives to foster mutually beneficial relationships with Canadian corporations to benefit the health of all Albertans.

We collaborate with Canadian corporations who have a strong history and brand image and are looking to get involved in effectively raising awareness of the seriousness of chronic disease and helping Alberta in the fights against diabetes and heart disease.

With your support, C-health is working to

  • Increase awareness about the seriousness of chronic diseases, and their complications and impact on Albertans
  • Provide vital services to Albertans living with chronic diseases, their families and members of their healthcare team
  • Impact legislation at the local, provincial and federal levels that benefit Albertans affected by chronic disease

How Your Dollars Make a Difference

C-health is continually working to mobilize community outreach and education, and promote laws and policies that best meet the needs of Albertans living with chronic diseases.

Knowledge is a very powerful and pertinent component in the fight against chronic disease. C-health is committed to providing the most relevant information, tools, resources and support to Alberta’s community members and healthcare professionals. To do so, C-health works very closely with well respected, trusted community members and experts along with provincial and Canadian organizations involved in the fight against chronic disease.

Outreach efforts increase the availability and utilization of services. Helping people understand their condition and know where to go for help is a key component in making a difference in the fight against chronic disease. Through direct interventions and interactions with community members and healthcare professionals, C-health works to educate about the various chronic diseases, their warning signs, symptoms and risk factors. Through enhanced community outreach across Alberta, we hope to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage Albertans to get screened and seek appropriate clinical care.

Benefits of Partnering with C-health

Building Loyal Relationships – Supporting C-health will help foster customer and stakeholder loyalty by demonstrating your organizations long-term commitment to helping the over 1 million Albertans living with a chronic condition. An annual report demonstrating your commitment and involvement will surely send a clear message to key customers and stakeholders.

Enhancing Your Brand – As C-health has well-established, respected and trusted relationships with pertinent Albertan community members, stakeholders and experts, joining us will increase your organization’s brand image within Alberta, key markets, and the Canadian marketplace as a whole.

Engaging Your Workforce – Supporting us will demonstrate to your organization’s workforce that you are truly committed to joining Alberta in the fight against chronic disease and working to improving the lives of Canadians living with a chronic disease. It is no secret that a boost in employee morale is directly related to an employer’s contribution and commitment to the community.

Expanding Your Reach – Support for our initiatives to educate, advocate and improve the lives of the over 1 million Albertans living with a chronic disease.

Partner With Us

If your organization is interested in partnering with us, please contact Elyse Morton -